January 2021 – First Edition

Welcome to TVMA

Below are updates on our process (and progress), opportunities to be more involved, and more!

Three Ways to Get More Involved

Teach a CLE

Become a Mentor

Apply for Director

We are looking for CLEs that explore advanced concepts in mediation, negotiating, and related legal work.

A CLE proposal should include your cv, three to five sentences summarizing your planned CLE, and an outline of the CLE itself.

Please provide the projected time length as well as the amount of time you believe will qualify for ethics.

Newly-minted mediators and those who need to shake the dust off their certificates will need co-mediators and mentors to help them through their first few cases. 

Mentors are the backbone of TVMA, helping not only our new mediators but helping us grow by identifying opportunities for growth and more CLEs!


TVMA needs people who understand their unique area of the law or unique intersections of the law. 

TVMA is especially interested in ensuring we are creating access to justice by having strong voices from myriad backgrounds to work with as we define the road forward. 

Please email your CV and a summary of what your goals for TVMA and a directorship would be. 


What we are doing and how we are planning on doing it

One of my goals is to ensure that our time is maximized mediating cases and teaching while minimizing admin work. That means our kick-off will be in stages as we develop and test our own custom software! 

First off, creating your profile should be live by the end of the weekend. Volunteers will be able to indicate their experience level and areas of specialty like landlord/tenant or family law.

Taking longer than that will be creating the system that intakes and assigns out case. The timeline for that is end of February which will allow us a couple of weeks of testing before we go live to accept cases by mid-March. 

Litigants will submit their cases through an online portal. Mediators will be selected after a conflicts check and agreeing to accept the case. Scheduling will be by agreement.

All mediations will be done online. A form mediated settlement agreement will be used through Docusign or a similar service. TVMA will file a Mediator’s Report with the court. It will be up to the parties to decide if they wish to file the MSA.

If you want to help with drafting documents, website content, and other exciting but critical tasks, please email me!


For Volunteer Mediators

Law Students & Recent JDs



The first few mediations can be intimidating. This is why all law students and recent JDs will work with a mentor who will act as co-mediator for the first mediations. 

Your mentor will be able to provide feedback and support you as you develop your particular style and approach to mediation. 


If you have not had many opportunities to mediate, support will be there! Much like our law students and recent JDs, we will have you work with a co-mediator and mentor until you are ready to remove the training wheels.

If you are comfortable working on your own, that is terrific and we hope you will consider mentoring as well.


 New or inexperienced mediators need a phone a friend, support, and encouragement as they handle their first mediations.  We need experienced mediators to act as mentors and co-mediators. 

You are going to be the backbone of TVMA!