About TVMA


Our Story

Access to justice means access to all of the aspects of the legal system, especially alternative dispute resolution. The value of a case or the ability to pay should not be the deciding factors in whether a case is able to be mediated. This is the basic idea that started Texas Volunteer Mediator Association. 

In addition to ensuring access, the ADR field needs more opportunities for legal professionals to learn more about mediation as a tool, to improve and expand their mediation experience, and mentor up and coming mediators. 

TVMA’s goal is to be the bridge between the need for accessible mediation and growing the pool of exceptional professional neutrals in Texas. 


Our Directors

These are the people behind the idea – who have dedicated their time and effort to make TVMA come alive.

From this foundation, we hope to create so much more. If you are interested in joining TVMA as a director, please contact Denise Peterson. We are looking for professionals who can bring their expertise to help TVMA better serve the Texas community.

Our Staff

From developing the website, creating future online applications, to supporting TVMA, meet our staff.

They are also shy, so their bios and pictures will be coming soon.

The Tribe Called Interns

TVMA isn’t just about the now, it’s about the future. Our law school interns are from across the country and across all backgrounds. They bring to TVMA their unique viewpoints and skills, helping us develop leading-edge research and programs as well as resources for our clients.

We tried to take a picture of them, but they all disappeared behind this old car. Hopefully, we’ll be able to lure them out!