Mediation Process


Zooming right along

The goal of TVMA is to handle all mediations virtually. This means from sign-up to wrapping up the mediated settlement agreement, the entire process will be online.

Potential clients will submit their cases online through the new case link. We will confirm with all parties that we have the correct contact information and then we will reach out to you, the mediator.

After confirming you have no conflicts in mediating the case, the parties will be prompted to pay the mediation fee, which covers our overhead. The fee is $25.00 per party. Volunteer mediators will not have to be involved in the billing or collection of these fees.

Once the fee is taken care of, a coordinator will put you in contact with the parties to schedule the mediation for a time that works for everyone. We want you to have the flexibility to schedule your cases that best fit your and the parties’ needs.

All mediations will be done via Zoom and the mediated settlement agreement template will be provided to you.

The signing of the mediated settlement agreement will be completed via Docusign.

Exact policies and procedures will be provided during orientation.

Example documents

The interns have refused to turn these over yet – so please be patient while they are perfected.