Mediation & TVMA Help

TVMA provides low-bono mediation services online. TVMA mediators are law students, recent JDs, and attorneys who all have received training as mediators.

When you submit your case for mediation, a volunteer coordinator will reach out to you to confirm your case information.  The coordinator will then confirm with your opposing party that they are ready or willing to mediate.

Mediation is a voluntary process, so all parties have to agree to mediate. If the mediation is court-ordered, the parties still have to be ready to go forward with the mediation.

Once confirmation is received, you will receive a link to pay the $25.00 mediation fee. Each party is required to pay the fee. Until the fee is paid, the mediation cannot go forward.

Then you will be matched with a mediator. Parties do not get to choose their mediators, they are assigned by our staff.

The mediator will work to schedule the mediation, which will be held online via the Zoom platform. If an agreement to settle the case has been reached, then the mediated settlement agreement will be signed online via DocuSign.

Pro Se Assistance

Mediators cannot provide legal advice. TVMA strongly recommends that parties either have an attorney or avail themselves of free and low-bono resources. We have gathered some here for you.

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Technology Help

If you are new to some of the online technologies we will be using, please follow the following links which will take you to the help pages for Zoom and DocuSign. Both are easy and free to use.

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